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KT Grant: Redheaded Author of Sexy

A self-proclaimed eccentric redhead who writes Gay, Lesbian and Straight romance. You can find her at ktgrant.com.

"She was in head-to-toe leather from her killer stiletto boots, the same leather pants she had on earlier, up to her super tight vest with no shirt underneath. Her breasts were thrust up so high, part of her nipples peeked through the sides. Elbow length leather gloves covered her arms, and circling her neck was a silver pearl choker.

He started to compliment her, but she clutched the front of his shirt and shoved him into the wall. Her palm dropped over his mouth. He inhaled the aroma of leather, musk, and sweat. It wasn’t offensive at all, but more like an aphrodisiac.

“The game starts now. You do not speak. Just nod your head yes or no. You obey my every word. If I tell you at any point to leave the room, you leave with no questions asked. If you complain, you’re gone for good.”

He nodded and tried licking his lips. Instead, he swiped his tongue across her gloved palm. He almost sighed from the taste. When she released him, he dug his fingers in his palms to stop from grabbing her and sticking his tongue into her mouth.

“If I find out you told anyone what went on here, I’ll make you regret it. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” The word mistress swirled in his head.

“Good. Let’s begin.” She opened the door."

The Gate (coming 10/15/13)