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Book Spotlight Release: The Lock (Dark Path Series #3) by KT Grant

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Happy release day to me! The Lock, the third book in the Dark Path series (Self-Published Erotic Romance with BDSM elements) is out today!


Final Cover The Lock


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The dark path continues for Erika and Max as secrets unfold and threaten to destroy all they hold dear…


Erika Walsh’s every dream has come true. She’s received both critical and public acclaim for her best-selling erotic romance, and has chosen the magnetic millionaire and BDSM club owner Maxwell Crawford as the keeper of her heart. Although, her former crush Chris Milton still refuses to accept her decision. As she plans her wedding to Max, she’s confronted with his past and the many secrets he’s kept under lock and key –for good reason.


When Max’s older brother, Daniel, a big Hollywood producer falls ill, Erika and Max rush to Los Angeles to help him recover. Max is shocked to find Daniel has become the victim of a blackmailer who seeks revenge against the brothers. Max must confront the loathsome Abraham Rovner, a former classmate from high school, who has never forgiven him for breaking off their relationship.


Abraham brings out Max’s lurking deviant nature, which sends him to a dark place in his mind. Erika must find the strength to help her lover purge his demons, even though it may come at a major cost for them both.


Exclusive taste of what's inside The Lock... (naughty excerpt):


A work of art stood in the shower, surrounded by steam.


Water droplets dripped off Max’s ass. Rivulets of wet heat caught on the springy hairs of his thighs and around his knees, coasting down his calves, and making a puddle under his feet and around his toes. Erika licked her lips. She had worshipped every part of his body, including his toes. No matter how many times Maxwell Crawford pounded inside her, she craved more.


Her stomach growled. She’d made the mistake of not eating anything after yoga class because she’d been running late. She blamed Max for her tardiness. He’d kept her in bed the entire day, making love to her for hours, which had started the second the sun rose. She woke to find his face in between her legs and her arms bound and cuffed to the headboard. The evil bastard had gone down on her, licking her to the point where she almost orgasmed, but then she held off as long as she could until she yelled, “I love you” at the top of her lungs—his retaliation because she’d forgotten to say it to him before she fell asleep last night.


But what a punishment to wake to.


Her hunger pains disappeared, and she bent to untie her sneaker. The twinge in her thighs and legs seared her muscles from her bed play with Max. He eventually gave her mercy when she left him for her yoga class. She explained her need to meditate and how the stretching positions helped her keep up with his ferocious sexual appetite. After her class, she spent time in the sauna so she would be in the right frame of mind tonight for their engagement party with over two-hundred guests attending.


Straightening, she winced, more from nerves about tonight than her post-sex aches. Max faced her from the opposite side of the frosted shower stall glass. He slicked back his hair and ran his palm down his face and chest, going lower until he grasped his shaft, his lovely tool that always made her damp.


A fluttering filled her stomach, which was always the case when she caught him staring at her with his golden sex eyes that promised so many naughty things. He opened the door halfway, letting steam rise to the ceiling.


“Join me, precious.” An order, not a request from her fiancé.


“What if I already showered at the gym?” She unzipped her hoodie, dropping it on the floor, along with her socks and sneakers.


“I’m going to fuck you before we go to the party. So decide…in this shower or in the car on the ride there.” His tone brokered no argument.


She took off the rest of her clothes. Naked and without any embarrassment, she joined her lover. Taking her hand, he guided her into the stall.


“You’d really wait to fuck me in the car?” She wrapped her arms around his shoulders.


“I’d probably fuck you after my shower and again in the bedroom.” He claimed her mouth in a kiss.


Sucking down on his bottom lip, she tugged. “Hmm, you didn’t even correct me using ‘fuck’. You must be too horny.”


She yelped when he smacked her ass cheek. “There are no rules in my shower, Mrs. Crawford.”


She circled the bruise on his shoulder where she bit him too hard in a moment of passion. “I’m not Mrs. Crawford yet.”


“In my heart and mind, you already are.” He took her mouth in a firm kiss, making her knees wobble and her pussy clench.


She dueled her tongue with his, a fevered dance in her mouth that caused an intense throbbing all over. She’d never felt this way with any man, only Max, who came into her life when she had least expected it.


He broke off the kiss, swiping his thumbs over her damp cheeks. He soaked her in, while she did the same, no longer shy. Approval shined in his gaze.


“I love you like this.” He nipped her chin. “Naked in my arms, wet, and vulnerable.”


“Why do you like me vulnerable?” She ran her fingers along his fur-lined chest, finding his nipple, taut and ready for her to lick if she so chose. “So you can have your wicked way with me?”


He laughed, a loud echo in the small enclosure. He grabbed her ass and boosted her up until she stood on her toes. She moved in for a kiss, and he dug his fingers in deep, near the crack of her ass. His thumb slipped down, just enough to tickle the edge of her feminine lips. The underside of her clitoris tightened in want.


“We don’t have time to play,” she gasped, spreading her legs to allow him more access to her front.


“Lock your legs around my waist.” He lifted her higher, and she obeyed. Her reward—his cock nestled at her opening. He grunted and pressed her against the tiled wall.


He set his forehead to hers, his gaze smoldering and scorching. “Take me and put me inside you.”


She wiggled, a bit uncomfortable against the tiles. Part of their early morning bed play had involved a new flogger Max had used on her for the first time. The marks had vanished, but the remnants of the lashing and sting of the strap lingered. If she told Max how awkward the position felt, he would stop any or all amorous activities right then and there, leaving them both unfulfilled. She didn’t want find herself on her back or on her knees while he fucked her in the car on the way to their party. She had become more adventurous with him, but she didn’t want to appear in front of hundreds of people looking like she had been fucked within an inch of her life.


“Erika, what’s wrong?” He shifted away, concern etched on his face.


She took his dick, setting it within her slick folds. He sighed and rested his mouth on hers, breathing deeply. With flicks of her tongue, she tasted his mouth and the underside of his bottom lip. “I’m thinking off all the things you did to me this morning.”


“You mean all the things we did together.” He joined his hand to hers, guiding his cock deep inside her.


She melted. Not just because he entered her slowly, stretching her just the right way to accommodate his generous size and large girth, but because they were a team, a true partnership. The power play Max once tried to install in their relationship, with him the Dominant and her the submissive, were over. If he gave, she took, and vice versa. The moment she accepted his marriage proposal, the dynamics between them changed.


They ruled each other equally, an ownership both sanctioned and embraced. One that would never break.



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