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KT Grant: Redheaded Author of Sexy

A self-proclaimed eccentric redhead who writes Gay, Lesbian and Straight romance. You can find her at ktgrant.com.

Excerpt from 50 Shades of Pink by KT Grant (Release Date: February 13th)

A knock on the door startled me more than it should have.


“I’ll answer the door.” Jayden peered through the peephole. “Your date is here.” He unlocked the door and opened it.


Holy smokes! Victoria looked amazing. Hot. She was dressed for a night on the town in a short sleeve black mini dress and strappy high heeled sandals that made me lock my thighs together from the tugging sensation lodged there.


“Lindsay.” Her purr made my heart skip a beat.


“Victoria,” I whispered, fixated on kissing her until we both couldn’t breathe.


If Jayden noticed the sexual tension in the air, he didn’t acknowledge it. He stayed in the doorway, not letting Victoria enter. “How did you get inside? The door downstairs is locked.”


“It was unlocked,” she said.


He tugged on his dreads and cursed. “This is ridiculous. I’m going to talk to the super.”


“Something wrong?” Victoria looked at me.


“We’re having a problem with unwanted visitors recently. Lindsay can tell you all about it.” Jayden backed away, finally letting Victoria inside. He snagged his jacket off a chair and came over to my side and kissed my cheek. “Be careful, and call me if you run into any problems.”


Stop it, I mouthed to him and pushed him away.


With a frustrated sigh, he nodded at Victoria and then left.


She approached me. “Nice dress.” She kept her eyes on me the entire time.


“Thanks.” I took a step toward her.


She reached me first and smirked. “Nice scarf.”


“Shut up and kiss me,” I said with more force than I had intended.


“Give me your mouth and I will,” she shot back, adding a sexy croon to her order.


Hauling her in close, I pressed my mouth to hers. Her breath was warm and tasted of mint. I sucked down on her bottom lip and moaned. She seized my ass and inserted her tongue in my mouth. We circled our tongues together in an intimate dance that made me damp and needy.


“Forget going out. We can stay here and find something else to do,” I said around her mouth.


Her lips tickled mine as she snorted. “Like get naked?”


“Exactly.” I started to tug her toward my bedroom, but she wouldn’t budge.


“I want to take you out. After the last stressful few days, we deserve some fun.” She gave me a quick kiss and headed to the door.


“What type of fun?” I asked, pushing aside my disappointment of not taking Victoria to my bed.


“The kind you’ll remember for a very long time.” She beckoned me forward. “Let’s go.”


I locked the apartment and we walked down the three flights of stairs holding hands. I liked holding hands with Victoria more than I should. It was sweet gesture I would have never applied to this woman who was only affectionate when it was a means to seduce. Maybe this was a part of the process between us, to establish more trust. Whatever it was, it made me feel giddy. If only Colette wasn’t in the picture.


When we reached the first floor landing, she turned to me as if she was going to say something. Her gaze searched my face and she tightened her grip on my hand. “You’re thinking too hard. Stop it.”


“You have a subtle way with words,” I said.


“Direct and to the point works best.” She kissed my cheek, her way to soften the blow of her words. “I want us to be honest with one another.”


“How honest? You’re willing to tell me everything about your past?” I took her advice and tried the direct approach.


She dropped my hand. “Eventually, but not tonight.”


I wouldn’t press the issue. She would tell me on her own terms. I smiled brightly, ignoring the clawing tension in the air and opened the front door. I almost lost my footing when I spied the long white stretch limo parked in front.


“Is that for us?” I asked.


“Yes,” she said, as if it was no big deal. “When was the last time you rode in a limo?”


“This will be my first time.” I continued viewing the limo in awestruck wonder.


A man dressed in a suit opened the back door. Victoria hustled me in. White and red rose pedals covered the seats and floor. A bottle of champagne chilled in a bucket.


“What’s all this?” Dazed, I sat down.


“I’m giving you romance because it’s what you want.” She pointed to the champagne. “Want a glass?”


"I don’t know!” I burst into happy tears.




Living in Manhattan and working at Virago, one of the most successful women’s magazines in the nation is a dream come true for Lindsay Pinke. After five years of being overworked and underpaid in the research department, she’s finally noticed by Colette Duarte, the provocative executive editor of the magazine. She offers Lindsay the coveted role as her personal assistant, but first she must prove she’s worthy of the position. Lindsay must interview Victoria Nox, the elusive and extremely private CEO of Nox Media Holdings. If Lindsay succeeds, Colette promises her great things for her publishing career. If Lindsay fails, her chance as a respected writer will be cut short.


A chance meeting with Victoria at a high class function puts into motion a series of events that leaves Lindsay blindsided by her strong physical reaction to the magnetic but foreboding woman. When Lindsay unwittingly falls into Victoria’s world of dark temptations and complex entanglements, she leans the shocking truth Victoria hides about Colette that rocks Lindsay to her very core.


Now that Lindsay has become a balm on Victoria’s soul, is she strong enough to help Victoria confront her shameful past, and stop one woman’s sick games once and for all?


(Riverdale Avenue Books. https://ktgrnt.wordpress.com/2015/01/26/50-shades-of-pink/)