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A self-proclaimed eccentric redhead who writes Gay, Lesbian and Straight romance. You can find her at ktgrant.com.

Another Exclusive excerpt from The New Year's Fantasy by KT Grant (Coming 1/5/15)

As the clock strikes midnight, Doug and Jessica take things to the next level...


“I’m glad I met you tonight.” She drew her hair over one shoulder.


“Me, too.” He raised one foot and kissed the back of it. “You have lovely feet.”


“No one has ever complimented my feet before.” She sat up, placing her empty glass on the coffee table.


He drank his wine and flicked her hair with his fingers. “You must have a whole street block of men lining up to date you.”


She worried her bottom lip with her teeth. When he stroked the underside of her jawline, she twisted toward him. “I’ve been called pretty before but never beautiful, and never lovely.”


“What the hell is wrong with the men in this town? Are they blind?” A bubble of rage rose up within his chest.


“There’s something you should know that might give you some insight on why I’ve never been called beautiful.” She blew out a gust of air. “I used to be overweight. Seven years ago my best friend and I decided to make a change because we wanted to impress two guys we had bad crushes on. I lost sixty pounds.”


“That’s amazing!” He hugged her close.


She rested her palm on his knee, circling the fabric of his pants with the edge of her nail. “I thought if I lost enough weight, the guy I liked would be interested in me. He wasn’t, even though I lost too much and was underweight. Last year was a bad one for me because I exercised all the time and became obsessed with losing more weight—”


He caressed the side of her face. “Hey, if this is too much….”


She squeezed his knee. “Let me finish. I saw him tonight, and we had words. It took me long enough, but I’ve seen the light about him.”


“The ex-boyfriend?” He tugged her onto his lap.


She curled her arms around him, laying her head on the crook of his shoulder. “He’ll always find me fat and unattractive.”


“It’s his loss.” And my gain.


She peered up at him, her forehead knitted. “If we’d met when I was still heavy, you wouldn’t have given me a second look.”


“Honey, seven years ago I was still married and you were jailbait.”


She slapped him lightly on the stomach. “I guess I did look like I was still in high school with my horrible acne and chubby cheeks and thighs.”


“I first noticed you because of your mouth and how involved you were eating those chocolate-covered strawberries.” He ran his finger along her top lip. “Then I saw your amazing cleavage in this hot, tight number you’re wearing.”


“I noticed you when I saw the way you watched me, like I was one of those strawberries I was eating.” She drew her hands through his hair. “I love the gray in your hair and in your scruff.” She then slid her hand down to stroke his bristled cheek. “You’re a fine man, aged to perfection.”


Chuckling, he rocked her. She giggled and brushed her nose along his throat.


“Tonight is full of coincidences for us. Remember how I told you my ex-wife is here?”


Jessica stilled.


He could have kicked himself for bringing up Shelli. But it was too late to take it back. “We’ve been divorced for three years. She fell in love with someone else.”


“I’m sorry.” She dropped her hand on his shoulder.


“The last year of our marriage was strained. I was going to recommend marriage counseling, but then she dropped a bomb on me.” He swallowed, that shitty night flashing through his mind. “She wanted a divorce because she didn’t love me anymore and wanted to be with her lover.”


Jessica cringed. “Ouch.”


“Yeah.” More like it hurt like a mother fucker at the time, but the pain had faded. He’d better veer to another subject before it killed the mood. “Let’s talk about something else.”


“Like the weather?” She curled her arms around him and yawned.


“You’re falling asleep on me?” He stroked her smooth cheek.


“The wine made me drowsy.” She peered into his face. “Maybe you need to help me find my second wind.”


“What do you recommend?” His cock came to life again, and he arched his hips to give her an idea of what they could do to stay awake.


She set her hand low on his stomach. “You should be able to come up with an idea.”


Sounds of cheering and music exploded from the television, and the muffled screams and clapping outside the room announced midnight’s arrival. People kissed in Times Square, bright-colored confetti raining down on them as they celebrated.


“It’s midnight.” He cupped her nape.


“I’ve been waiting all night for this. I, uh, never shared a kiss with a man on New Year’s Eve. Will you be my first?”


He tilted back her head, more than ready to be her first. He would make it good for her. “Lucky me.” He dropped his mouth over hers.


She let out a breathy purr as he sucked gently on her lips and then lapped with his tongue. Gripping the side of his neck, she opened her mouth wide, possessing his in a deep pull that went straight into his groin. His pulse raced in his ears, his body shuddering as he tried to remain in control. His balls tightened, and his dick jerked as Jessica tasted him. Finding her tongue, he captured it, sucking with a few gruff moans.


“Oh, Doug.” She curled her arms around his head, first taking his top lip and caressing the underside then swiping downward to play with his lower lip.


He let her take over, succumbing to her every lick and suck as her nails scraped his scalp, lulling him into a state of relaxation. But when she broke their kiss and leaned down to nibble on the side of his throat, his blood boiled and his lower back clenched—a sign he was ready to explode.


Source: http://ktgrnt.wordpress.com/2014/11/21/the-new-years-fantasy